Top Beginners Fishing Tips

Learning to fish is a pastime that most sons experience with their dads at an early age.  Sitting on the dock or the shore casting out a line and bonding over catching a fish are memories that will last a lifetime.  For those of you looking to have this experience of near shore fishing st. augustine then these tips and tricks will start you on your journey.

Learn to cast

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The act of casting is to release the line from the pole and landing in the water.  For many this seems like a simple task but in reality you really need skill. First off, you need to work on the touch of your cast.  If you cast too hard it will hit hard scattering the fish.  If you toss it too light it might not go out as far.  It is through casting it through the air so it lands like a fly on the water where you will get the best results.

Lures are expendable

When casting anything into the water you need to accept that it may never return to you.  This goes for lures, bobbers, hooks and more.  When you cast your lines the hope that you catch anything is your goal.  With this in mind be brave and toss your lines in grass and other dark areas.  This is where the fish are.

Play with bait

Bait is a mysterious thing.  Sometimes it works and others it won’t.  It is just like food we eat.  Sometimes we want burgers and others chicken.  This is why playing with your bait is so important.  You want to try different things throughout the day.  For example corn in the morning, worms in the afternoon and flies at night.  The next day switch it up and see what happens.  Another thing that you can do is try all of your baits on different hooks and in different spots to see what results you get.