Tips For Winning The Big One In Fishing Tournaments

Fishing has become a multi-billion dollar industry.  Everything from the small little weight you put on the line to the million dollar boats and equipment people use to catch that prize winning fish.  Every year people will go out for charter fishing mobile al tours the hopes of grabbing the biggest fish in the seven seas.  However, many come back with empty buckets and crushed dreams.  Knowing some basic rules and concepts will get you and your team catching the big one that seems to get away.

Scout the location

When entering into a tournament or just going off fishing you will want to scout the location where you plan to fish.  Taking out a boat and seeing if you see fish jumping is a good start but greasing the wheels of the locals for info is even better.  To find out what has been going on talk to some locals and see what they have done.  Offer to buy a few beers and chat and learn a little about the waters.  Then when it is time to go out use GPS to find those spots and stake your claim.

Variety of bait

When catching fish the bait is the key.  Live bait, dead bait, fresh, old etc. all play a role in catching fish.  Know what you are going to use and make sure it is in peek ripeness.  You can’t catch anything if the fish don’t like what you’re offering.

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Document Everything

In case something happens and the line breaks or the fish just lets go capturing and documenting the process will give proof of what happens. It might not win you the contest but at least people will know you’re not telling fish stories.

Divide the winnings

If you do happen to win make sure you and your team knows what percentage of the prize money they will receive.  There is no better motivator than money.  Take care of your team and they will take care of you.