Nostalgic Origins Of Cast-Iron, Bronze And Aluminum Works

At some stage, just out of curiosity, the calculator had to come out. It had to be quickly worked out just how long ago the original foundry started up. It was worked out that the current band of bronze, cast-iron and aluminum designer los banos ca workshops have been following the roots left by a foundry that first started casting work almost two hundred years ago. That is really a long time ago, folks! 

The new owners of this old foundry are focusing on meeting the requirements of regular suburban folks, as well as the military and the industrial business community. Many customers come to this foundry to have their plaques and prototypes made up. They will also be able to receive other metalworking services, should these be required. Manufacturing work aside, there are those customers looking for a little art work.

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This will come mainly from sculpting work. And whatever design intention there is, one thing could be said for certain. The hard materials used should ensure that all artifacts and casting products enjoy long lifespans, provided of course, that the folks out there are looking after their property. The artisans working at this foundry should be living up to the legacy left by the original owners. Today, however, they also have the advantage of utilizing the latest technologies apart from the tried and tested materials.

Aluminum, bronze, cast-iron, whatever the case may be. An industrial product for the factory floor. A work of art for a public gallery. Or just a small statue for the residential garden. Before any casting work begins, the client must first have a chat with the foundry team. Aspirations and project goals will be listened to after which appropriate recommendations will be made.